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Aaron Doucette is a visionary musician whose sonic journey has been defined by duality and expansion. Since 2020, he has been crafting a mesmerizing soundscape that pushes the boundaries of genre and transports listeners into uncharted territories. 

At the core of his latest creation is a fusion of 808s, synths, and electric guitar riffs, intricately intertwined to form a vibrant tapestry of experimental sounds spanning R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop.

Ethereal adlibs punctuate his compositions, serving as portals that transcend the confines of time and space, propelling listeners into a futuristic realm.


Collaboration lies at the heart of Aaron's creative process, and he has been working closely with various artists to explore new sonic landscapes. Together, they craft music that challenges conventions and invites listeners on a transformative journey.


With each release, Aaron Doucette continues to push the boundaries of his craft, finding ways to express himself through sound and emotion, hoping he can introduce you to the future.



Aaron Doucette - Pick & Roll (Official Video)
Aaron Doucette

Aaron Doucette - Pick & Roll (Official Video)

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